25-27 Feb 2019 Marseille (France)


How to join us

(information from https://www.lam.fr/about-lam/informations-pratiques/article/plan-d-acces?lang=en)

From the airport

  • There is a shuttle that runs every 20min from the Marignane Airport to Marseille StCharles main station (Gare St Charles). See information at: http://www.navettemarseilleaeroport... .
    • Subway Line 1 runs by Gare St Charles station and goes to LAM (see below),
  • In taxi, it will take about 45 min and will cost 50€.

To LAM from downtown Marseille

  • Subway line 1 : terminus La Rose ; then take (BUS n°B3b (on the right at the metro’s exit) towards Technopôle de Château Gombert, and get off at the second stop : Technopôle Centrale Marseille.
    • See attached documents at for line B3b at the bottom of this page.
    • Allow for 20 min in subway Line 1 from Gare St Charles to La Rose, then 5 min on the B3b bus.
    • The same ticket can be used for bus, tramway and metro.
  • It may also be possible to take Bus line 11 from the Subway terminal and get off at bus stop "Joliot-Curie".
    • See attached documents at for line 11 at the bottom of this page.
  • RTM informations
    • Access to RTM web site for maps and timetables.
    • See also the maps we posted at the bottom of this page

To LAM by car

Parking : there are 164 onsite parking places

Directions : Best is to use google map (see link to map above)

  • Once at the gate, use the interphone to contact the receptionist.
  • Delivery access is through the northern entry.
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